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Synod Resource Center Strategy

Updated November 2021


The Vision of the Resource Center is to increase quality and availability of both print and electronic resources to meet the needs of congregational leaders in support of their educational, worship and missional needs; gather, purchase and provide materials that are consistent with Christian theology and Lutheran doctrine and beliefs; and, facilitate circulation of the Resource Center collection even as we grow in the use of digital methods and materials.

The Sierra Pacific Synod is committed to centering the voices of those with the most at stake. Those living at the intersections of issues and events must be allowed to speak first, last and longest.


  1. Seek to become a more valued partner with congregations through increased, useful communications – newsletters, announcements and email with helpful information and resources;

  2. Develop bonds with host Conference, Deans and Synod leaders (committees, discipling teams, etc.) to enable better support of our various shared ministries;

  3. Consider ways in which Request Management software can better meet needs for circulating and accounting of RC materials and resources;

  4. Demonstrate digital competence in ways to more efficiently meet the mission of the RC;

  5. Empower a diverse assembly of Resource Center contributors to develop a network.

  6. And, foster new sources of sustainable financial support for RC.


To provide resources for all members of the Sierra Pacific Synod and beyond through digital and hard-copy means. This may include, but is not limited to:

  1. Livestream Conversations

  2. Zoom discussion groups

  3. Distribution of relevant and new hard-copy materials

  4. Connecting people to other resources we aren’t able to provide - other nonprofits, conversations, etc.

  5. Each month, publicize recommended reading from the Resource Center that aligns with the theme of that month, as well as other topics of interest.