SPS Professional Leaders Invited to Theoasis Conference in Southern CA

As shared in a previous blog post, with the continued season of transition our synod lives into, there will not be a traditional Professional Leaders Conference hosted by the Sierra Pacific Synod this year. Instead, Bishop Claire Burkat, Vice President Simon Wong, and our Conference Deans are collaborating to host a series of smaller Conference Gatherings held throughout the fall.

However, there is another Professional Leaders Conference folk from the Sierra Pacific Synod are invited to attend - Theoasis! Hosted by the Southwest California Synod and Pacifica Synod, Theoasis is "a joint church leaders’ event (a theological oasis): Rostered leaders, professional lay church staff, youth leaders, church administrators, office managers, outdoor ministry leaders, worship leaders… ALL are welcome!" This year's theme is “Grief: Reflecting on Loss, Love, and Leadership”.

Theoasis will be held from Monday, October 17 - Wednesday, October 19 at the Embassy Suites in La Quinta, CA. The event will feature guest speakers Ms. Debie Thomas and Dr. Robert Wicks. Additionally, attendees are invited to participate in an option golf tournament while there!

Registration for Theoasis is open now and closes October 6th. The cost of the event is: $250 (rostered leader, lay staff, ministry partner), $190 (retired rostered, interns, candidates & non-rostered spouses), $75 Optional Golf Tournament (Palm Desert Country Club) and includes the program and two meals, excluding your hotel room.

We invite you to learn more about Theoasis, register for the event, and reserve your hotel room here: https://www.pacificasynod.org/news-events/theoasis/

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