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A Letter from Bishop Megan Rohrer

Beloved Sierra Pacific Synod,

The Synod Council and Staff completed their external review process of the matters that unfolded on December 12th at Misión Latina Luterana. Today, we received the preliminary results and hope to share more in the weeks to come, after the Council has had time to read and review, about what we have learned and our commitment to do better in the future. This is one way our Synod Council and Staff are leaning into our deep desire for truth and reconciliation with our beloved church.

The Sierra Pacific Synod is thoughtful, committed and centered in Christ. I am proud to be a part of the process that is changing our church and helping us embrace greater diversity. During this season of Lent, I am reminded that we must acknowledge where we have missed the mark in order to move towards Easter.

We remember that we are dust.

We remember how much we have survived.

We remember that we are called for just a time as this.

Bishop Megan Rohrer


Amado Sínodo de la Sierra del Pacífico,

El Consejo y el Personal del Sínodo completaron su proceso de revisión externa de los asuntos que se desarrollaron el 12 de diciembre en Misión Latina Luterana. Hoy recibimos los resultados preliminares y esperamos compartir más en las próximas semanas, después de que el Consejo haya tenido tiempo de leer y revisar, sobre lo que hemos aprendido y nuestro compromiso de hacerlo mejor en el futuro. Esta es una forma en que nuestro Consejo y Personal del Sínodo se están apoyando en nuestro profundo deseo de verdad y reconciliación con nuestra amada iglesia.

El Sínodo de la Sierra del Pacífico es reflexivo, comprometido y centrado en Cristo. Estoy orgulloso de ser parte del proceso que está cambiando nuestra iglesia y ayudándonos a aceptar una mayor diversidad. Durante esta temporada de Cuaresma, se me recuerda que debemos reconocer dónde nos hemos equivocado para avanzar hacia la Pascua.

Recordamos que somos polvo.

Recordamos cuánto hemos sobrevivido.

Recordamos que estamos llamados sólo para un tiempo como este.


Statements of faith related to this matter:

I acknowledge the pain, anger and anxiety that resulted from the December 12th removal of Nelson Rabell-Gonzalez from Misión Latina Luterana:

I apologize to all who have been harmed here in our Synod by the Sierra Pacific Synod’s actions on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, especially the Latiné community:

I stand alongside the Sierra Pacific Synod Council as we deeply lament that the Misión Latina Luterana celebration of the Feast Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe was disrupted by the removal of their pastor, and we deeply apologize to the community for the grief they suffered:

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Interesting that you use the word "I" when you are proud and "we" when you apologize. I think "I" would have been a better choice in apologizing. To borrow an old expression the buck stops with you. You are ultimately responsible and to my understanding, the buck started with you.

Gefällt mir
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