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Yesterday was a very difficult day in our synod.

Many of you have heard that the Synod had to inform Misión Latina Luterana that they no longer had a mission developer. This is not an action that was entered into lightly. It was a decision that was made unanimously by the Synod Council, a community of elected leaders. It was heartbreaking, yet necessary as the synod considered the well-being of that community and those it serves.

The Synod Council and Bishop acknowledge the pain, anger, and anxiety that resulted. We acknowledge the weight of sharing this information on the Feast of Guadalupe.

We value the voices of the Latino/x/é community, and we desire to be changed and transformed by them. As an effort to live out the synod’s commitment to reformation and anti-racism, there will be listening sessions held for those who wish to lament, grieve, and to offer constructive criticism for the work of the synod. We are committed to learning about and seeking new ways to cultivate a church that is transformative and healing for all.