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Job Posting: Part-Time Office Administrator

Christ Lutheran Church in El Cerrito, California is seeking an office administrator to work 15 hours a week. Working under the supervision of and with the pastor, responsibilities include answering phone calls and emails, maintaining church databases and records, preparing and sending a weekly email newsletter to church members, producing a weekly church bulletin and other bulletins or handouts as required, and occasionally coordinating volunteers and managing office equipment and supplies. The job is a combination of on-site and remote, and is flexible enough that could be an ideal fit for someone looking to make a bit of extra money and get a 'hands on' sense of church administration. Pay is $16/hour.

If interested, please contact Christine Hult-Lewis at and attach your resume.

CLC is a little church with a big heart. We value a worship experience that combines a traditional liturgy with awe-inspiring music and genuine warmth and humor. We focus on sharing Christ’s love with all people, regardless of sexual orientation, ethnicity, or political ideology. We offer an in-person service that is live-streamed on Facebook each Sunday.

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