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10 Ways to Support Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) Amid Anti-AAPI Racism

Lily R. Wu, of the Association of Asians and Pacific Islanders— Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, shares the following 10 ways to support our AAPI Siblings, especially during this AAPI Heritage Month.

  1. Amplify AAPI voices and issues. Invite them to your platforms. Share online links about their stories, events and social change work. Strengthen protection, justice, and equality. E.g. Asian Americans Advancing Justice.

  2. Be about transformation. Through faith-based, civic or community actions, go beyond multiculturalism to anti-racism. Join in on efforts to build a world safe and just for everyone.

  3. Befriend AAPI friends, family, colleagues. Check in. Invite them to tell you their story. Listen and support them in what they need or hope for. Accompany them to bolster their safety in public. Share videos and more from the anti-bullying organization Act to Change.

  4. Donate. This list is an inspiring education about community philanthropy, while it shows many organizations needing financial support. “Where To Donate To Help Asian Communities.”

  5. Foster group dialogue on race. Bring yourself to the table! See the compact National Day of Racial Healing Conversation Guide.

  6. Learn from Right to Be. Bystander intervention. Anti-harassment training for many groups including Asian American. How to lead racial discussions. All free and virtual.

  7. Network with AAPI leaders of churches, businesses and /or organizations. Find out what they need and want. Boost them with practical help for their ministry, business, and/or technical areas of work.

  8. Report hate crimes. Encourage others to do so. In 12+ languages at Stop AAPI Hate.