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Pulpit Supply Information for Rostered Leaders

Are you interested/able to be on the Sierra Pacific Synod’s pulpit supply list? 

We invite you to fill out this form!

This list will not be posted publicly but will be shared with congregational leaders who call looking for pulpit supply in their congregations. The only information shared with the congregation will be your name and preferred contact information. The remaining information collected is only for synod staff purposes and will be kept confidential.

2022 Pulpit Supply Guidelines and Compensation found HERE.

One Service: $300

One Service and Adult Class: $375

Two Services: $375

Two Services and Adult Class: $425


The congregation should provide travel reimbursement in the amount of $0.65.5 (65.5 cents) per mile or current IRS mileage reimbursement rates found here.

Special Dispensation

Some of the persons eligible and recommended for pulpit supply in the Sierra Pacific Synod are persons who are Approved for Ordination and awaiting first call. These persons may be granted special dispensation by the Bishop of the Synod to preside at the table during their pulpit supply service.


To obtain special dispensation the congregation requesting pulpit supply service should email with “SPECIAL DISPENSATION” in the subject line and in the body of the email give the name of the guest preacher and date of service. The requesting congregation should copy the email to the guest preacher in question. The Office of the Bishop will then respond to both parties.


To those candidates for ministry performing the service to the congregation, we encourage you to keep a copy of this dispensation for your own records and to keep the Bishop and Candidacy committee in your home synod informed.

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