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SPS Visits with the Salvadoran Lutheran Church

Last week, Sue Hertless and Betty Jacobsen of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Concord, CA visited with one of our Sister Synods, the Salvadoran Lutheran Church! 🇸🇻

Good Shepherd Lutheran has developed an extraordinary relationship with the Salvadoran Lutheran Church, here's a bit of what their week looked like:

The two hosted a workshop series teaching women how to make Pastor/Diaconal stoles, which Bishop Medardo Gomez then blessed during Sunday Worship at Resurrection Lutheran Church in San Salvador.

They also spent time with the 25 students in the Lutheran School Scholarship Program in Apopa, El Salvador that Good Shepherd Lutheran Church sponsors.

Lastly, the two attended a Women's Conference hosted by the Salvadoran Lutheran Church that welcomed women from across Central America. Excitement and gratitude filled the air on that Wednesday!

If you or your congregation are interested in learning more or getting involved with the Salvadoran Lutheran Church, you can email

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