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Introducing Melanie Gordon: SPS Administrative Assistant

Yesterday, the Sierra Pacific Synod welcomed their newest staff member, Melanie Gordon. Melanie will serve as the Administrative Assistant in the Office of the Bishop!

Melanie is joining the daily office staff to manage our synod database, which will aid our congregations, clergy, and conferences to maintain better communications and connections with each other. Additionally, she will help the Office of the Bishop maintain roster and congregation information with the ELCA. By maintaining this data, the Office of the Bishop hopes to develop better statistical information for reporting purposes. This work is part of a larger initiative to update and migrate our synod systems into a centralized, online, secured repository of data, records, and files, which will help position the synod to be more virtual and flexible for online workflow requests.

Melanie will also support the development of the Office of the Bishop Operations Guide, which will be a repository of synod processes and procedures ensuring the continuity of operations, finance, and communications through the onboarding of our next bishop. Additionally, Melanie will support our Assistants to the Bishop by managing document preparation and correspondence, like clergy cards and anniversary certificates, among other mobility, candidacy, and evangelical mission communications and correspondence projects.

Melanie has lived in the Bay Area for many years, but is a recent Oakland transplant. She

enjoys collaborating with a team to upgrade and maintain procedural processes. At home,

Melanie has two Jack Russell terriers, Bernie, and Taz, that she takes on long hikes every

weekend. Please feel free to stop in and say hi when you are in the office or email Melanie with any questions. She is looking forward to getting to know you and serving all your administrative needs. Melanie can be reached via email at We invite you to join us in welcoming Melanie to the Office of the Bishop!

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