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Discerning and Electing a new Bishop

In February of this year, the Bishop's Election Committee began outlining the process of discerning and electing a new Bishop to serve the Sierra Pacific Synod. The Committee is delighted to share with you an array of documents, timelines, and procedures that will guide the Bishop Election process over the next five months.

On the Sierra Pacific Synod website, you will find a new tab called "2023 Synod Assembly" where all of this information (and more!) is and will be housed in the coming months. Under the Bishop's Election tab, we invite you to take a look at the newly released documents from the Bishop's Election Committee.

They include:

  • A Discernment & Conversation Guide for Pre-Identification of Bishop Candidates

  • The Bishop's Election Timeline & Process

  • The 2023 Synod Profile

  • The Call Responsibilities of the Sierra Pacific Synod Bishop

  • Disclosure Questions for the Bishop's Election

  • A Biographical Information Form

  • Information on the Bishop's Election Committee

These can be found in English and Spanish here:

This process begins with Spring Conference Gatherings, beginning this weekend. Everyone is invited to attend your Conference Gathering to participate in the discernment process, raising up of names for Bishop, and other Conference Business.

Information on all Spring Conference Gatherings can be found here:

We ask that you continue to hold the Sierra Pacific Synod in your prayers as we enter into this season of continued discernment, and we hope to see you at your Conference Gathering this May and June!

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