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Bishop's Reports

Each year, all Rostered Ministers in our synod submit a Report to the Bishop that provides updated contact information, reflections on your ministry in the previous year, and space to voice concerns, questions, or wonders confidentially with your Bishop.


All Rostered Ministers serving under call, retired, on disability, and on leave from call must submit a report.

As Bishop Claire is new to our synod, we encourage you to provide robust details in your report this year. These reports will also serve as a vital way to introduce yourself to the next Bishop elected in September of 2023.


Completed Bishop's Reports should be submitted directly to the Bishop at with the subject line 'BISHOP's REPORT'.

Reports are due March 1, 2023.

This year, we have been blessed to contract with someone who is dedicated solely to organizing and updating our records of Rostered Ministers. This person began their work in December of 2022 and has diligently made progress on this important foundational work. However, because we are still understaffed and under-resourced in this year of transition, we cannot guarantee provision of a Rostered Minister Card in 2023. If you are in need of your leader number or proof that you are a clergy person in good standing, we ask this year that you contact us in the Office of the Bishop at the time of need and we will provide you with a letter.

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