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Workshops at Synod Assembly

This year's Synod Assembly will feature a series of workshops that will help inspire, educate and guide your ministry. Workshops will be held on Friday, September 15th, and each workshop will be around 1 hour long.

Celebrate Small Churches!

Rev. Charlane Lines, Faith, Mountain Vista

Honoring Our Differences: Behavioral Covenants for Church Councils

Rev. Anita Warner, Samantha Van Buren, Advent, Morgan Hill

How to Use Relationships and a Parking Lot to Help the Unhoused

Karen Hauschildt, Ulrike Hoehler, and Norman Puck,

Prince of Peace, Saratoga

Seniors in Transition/
Supporting Aging Seniors

Chrislyn Carson, Lois Peacock,

Adult Lutherans Organized for Action

Outdoor Activity (TBD)

Staff, Mount Cross Ministries

Getting Connected to Your Neighborhood

Pr. Janet Katari, Christ Lutheran, San Francisco
(with Linda Babcock, Dave Birdsall, Rev. Eduardo Trejo, Rev. Dawn Roginski)

How the Time Between Pastors Can Be a Time of Growth

Rev. Cindy Beck, Dean of Interim Pastors

We're RIC, Now What?

Aubrey Thonvold, Liz Colver, ReconcilingWorks

Can Unconscious Bias Save the Church?

Rev. Ron Valadez, Bethlehem, Auburn

Listening as a Catalyst of Change

Rev. Ben Sandin, Bethel, Cupertino 

What I Wish I Had Known: The Mechanics of Disaster Preparedness

Katie Swartz, St. James, Redding

Smooth Sailing: Becoming a Resilient Leader in Turbulent Times

Rev. Jeff Thiemann, Portico Benefits

Clergy Support Groups

Rev. Paul Theiss, retired

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