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Resolutions & Memorials

Resolutions are requests to amend (change) the Constitution, Bylaws, or Continuing Resolutions of the Sierra Pacific Synod. Resolutions may also be requests to change the Constitution, Bylaws, or Continuing Resolutions of the ELCA.


Memorials address broad policy issues or programs in the ELCA.

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This is one of the important ways that the reformation of the Church is put into practice. The work of the Holy Spirit through the Body of Christ is brought forward for collective discernment so that we may change our covenants and practices. As members of this body, we hope and pray that you will lift up for consideration the changes you wish to see in our synod.


To help you do this, the Resolutions Committee is here to help! Learn about the committee here and reach them by emailing


All resolutions & memorials are due to the Resolutions Committee no later than July 15th.

Resolutions & Memorials must be submitted to

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Resolutions and Memorials Excerpt from Standing Rules of Order

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