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Wellness Wednesday For Professional Leaders in the Church

Wellness can be anything that helps your mind, body, spirit, finances, family and psyche feel relief, rest or to refresh. Some wellness is good for you in the short term, like doughnuts or hugs. Some wellness better for you over longer periods of time, like exercise, therapy and paying off debt.

Wellness can be hard to maintain when the world is in the midst of so many emergencies, so from time to time, I will post a few ideas to spur opportunities for wellness. Today's wellness ideas are primarily for Professional Leaders in the Church.

Professional Leaders Conference (Oct 11-14)

This year the professional leaders gathering will center on wellness. will have three pre-gatherings (Women, LGBTQ and BIPOC leaders). These events will be centered in naming and supporting the gifts of each of these groups and visioning moving ahead through the year. Learn more about the event here. You can book your hotel now and registration will open this weekend or early next week.

Student Loan Forgiveness

The Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program now includes religious workers -they were previously excluded. So rostered ministers and other church employees with federal student loans who otherwise qualify may now be eligible for forgiveness. When you apply for student loan forgiveness, your direct employer signs the documentation. Learn more at: Public Service Loan Forgiveness Expanded Today For Clergy And Religious Workers (

Expanded Therapeutic Wellness Through Portico

Portico ELCA-Primary health benefits offer a variety of different avenues to receive mental health care, they include:

  • In-person or telehealth mental health services covered through BlueLink TPA (call a Quantum Care Coordinator – 877.851.5656 or search online)

  • In-person, phone or video counseling covered by Beacon Health’s EAP (contact 800.432.5155 to begin the process)

  • Self-directed online mental health support and coaching utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy via Learn to Live ( with access code Portico)

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