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We Remember in Prayer

Rejoicing in the risen life of Christ, let us pray for the church, the world, and all who are in need.

We pray for the church. In Pride month, we give thanks for the gifts of the LGBTQIA+ pastors, deacons and members among us. We acknowledge that bias and prejudice still exist in our church and we recommit to justice for all, and to see and engage with people in their whole identity. Bishop Elect Megan Rohrer of the Sierra Pacific Synod. Bishop Elect Paula Schmitt of the Allegheny Synod, Bishop Elect Lee Miller II of the Upstate New York Synod, Bishop Elect Brenda Bos of the Southwest California Synod and Bishop Timothy Smith re-elected to the North Carolina Synod. The South Carolina Synod and Bp. Ginny Aebischer as they meet in Assembly June 26, 2021. Houses of worship that have been visited by violence and threats of violence. We pray that all sanctuaries would be places free of violence and fear. We pray for the earth. Those affected by natural disasters of all types. We remember those places without power or access to clean water, and for those who have lost homes and/or property. We pray especially for those who work in the areas of rescue, relief and clean-up. We pray for the nations. The immigrants who have travelled from Central America through Mexico and who are still waiting at the border seeking asylum and justice. Also the as the unaccompanied minors currently at the border. May our response to the presence of these migrants be a reflection of the call of Jesus to care for those who are being threatened with violence and in need of food, shelter, and hope. May our leaders respond with integrity and accountability to the laws of our country pertaining to asylum. Leaders of all nations, states, provinces and municipalities. That they may be guided by principles of equality and the equal value of all of their residents. That they may keep in mind the needs of all of their residents, especially the marginalized and easily overlooked.

Acknowledging and lamenting the sin of racism that scars our country, we hold in prayer those who are profiled, discriminated against or seen differently because of their ethnicity or race. Open the hearts of those who are held captive to the sin of white privilege, granting humility and the willingness to listen. Inspire all to engage in the work of anti-racism, as well as identifying and dismantling systems of white privilege; center the voices and experiences of People of Color; and commit ourselves to the work of justice for all. Those affected by gun violence. Help us to continue to preach and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ – that all are beloved in God’s sight and that no one is above another or more inherent of worth. Places and people living in areas of violence and uncertainty, especially Ethiopia. We pray for the people of Palestine and Israel. Heal us from our feelings of powerlessness and transform us to work together for just and sensible legislation. Empower us to stand up against corporate greed that fuels violence around the world. Those around the world who are fleeing terror and violence; that they find compassion and welcome as they seek refuge. In this time of social distancing and learning to live in new ways, help us all to continue to be aware of the needs of our neighbors and to help as we can; to act out of love and not fear; and to rest in the certainty of God’s presence with us and love for us. We pray for those in need. Continued comfort and healing for Pr. Dani Fey, Pr. Bob Brohm, Pr. Susan Scott and Leslie Lapp. Deacon Lou Smith, recovering from surgery/health issues. A Memorial Service and Celebration of Life will be held for Pr Ernest Brooks (retired) on July 31, 2021, 10:00 a.m. at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 1735 Hecker Pass Highway Gilroy, CA 95020

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