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Thriving Leadership Formation Cohorts: Equipping ELCA leaders for a changing world

The Thriving Leadership Formation program from California Lutheran University offers free and meaningful opportunities for ELCA rostered and lay leaders in your synod. TLF brings ELCA pastors, deacons and lay leaders together online to cultivate skills and networks of trust, support, spiritual practice and accountability. This is the second round of our cohort groups. Cohort groups meet on zoom 12 times. These groups are a show up as you are, be present and build community. These groups are for people who are longing for meaningful relationships, community, encouragement, and accountability in spiritual practice.

At Large Cohorts : There is an offering of eleven different At Large Cohort Groups. Check out the different groups, fill out the interest form and wait to hear from us. Groups are currently forming and hoping to be filled and begin meeting by the end of October.

Synod Cohorts: Synods in ELCA Regions 1 and 2 have their own Synod Cohort, these are different than the At Large Cohorts. Our very own Assistant to the Bishop Rev. Hazel Rebecca Salazar-Davidson will be leading a cohort for our Synod centered around meditations, community processing, arts and crafts, and/or movement. Learn more about Rev. Hazel's cohort here:

To learn more about TLF:

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For questions related to the TLF Cohort Groups please contact Nicolette Rohr at

For questions relations to Thriving Leadership Formation, please contact

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