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Synod Assembly 2022 Announcement

This year's synod assembly will be in-person at The Nugget in Sparks, NV from June 2-4, 2022, with a pre-event on June 1st. We cannot predict at this time how COVID will be dwelling amongst us and what requirements and precautions will be prudent for our gathering. We are strongly encouraging congregations to elect synod assembly voting members who intend and are able to join us in-person. Understanding that there may be some congregations who would choose to not participate if we had an in-person only gathering, we will allow individuals to join by zoom in a limited capacity, for the business sessions. You can help us to put on a successful Synod Assembly by registering as soon as possible and downloading all materials and applications to practice and familiarize yourself.

Individuals who are voting members elected by their congregation or ministry site and register to participate online instead of in-person will be admitted to a special zoom room for all business sessions, will vote electronically, and actively be able to take part in discussions. Instructions for participating online will be provided prior to synod assembly, along with practice sessions. Anyone, regardless of voting status, will be able to watch the livestream of business sessions and hearings on resolutions and the budget at any time on the Synod’s YouTube channel.

In order to attend synod assembly as a voting member in-person, all individuals will need to provide proof of full COVID-19 vaccination. Full proof of vaccination means you have received your two Pfizer/Moderna vaccines or one Johnson & Johnson vaccine, as well as any eligible boosters. Registration will open March 1st and close May 1st.

If at the time of synod assembly you are not feeling well or health officials in your area recommend you not travel to the assembly, we encourage you to change your registration to the virtual option. We will allow registrations to be adjusted for COVID reasons between May 15 - June 1, but no on-site registration will be allowed.

Synod Assembly will cost $200/voting representative. The costs for attending virtually and in-person will be the same. We will not be able to refund registration for the Synod Assembly and costs for your hotel room are negotiated directly with The Nugget hotel. We refer you to The Nugget cancellation policies for more information.

Congregations should send 2 lay voting members per each called Minister of Word and Sacrament serving the congregation. If your congregation does not have a called rostered minister, then you should send 2 lay voting members. A Synod Authorized Worshiping Community (SAWC) should send 2 lay voting members. All ministers of Word and Sacrament under call on the roster of this synod and all ministers of Word and Service under call on the roster of this synod are expected to attend the Synod Assembly.

We invite you to participate in additional special events throughout the assembly for a recommended donation. Your donations for these events will directly benefit the ministry of the Sierra Pacific Synod and no one will be turned away for a lack of funds. To ensure adequate safety protocols for these events, registration will close for these events on May 1st. These include:

  • Day of Service $50

  • Banquet $60

  • Pam Rocker’s LGBTQ Pre-Event $50

  • Rachel Kurtz Concert $10

Visitors are welcome to attend in-person. Registration for visitors is $50/day. If visitors choose to participate in additional special events (banquet, day of service, etc.) the recommended donations will be the same as for voting members.

Here is some information to help in your congregation's discernment of who may be your in-person voting members and visitors.

  • There will be a quiet room for people who experience sensory overwhelm.

  • There will be one area with gender neutral bathrooms

  • The Nugget facility is very spread out and may require a great deal of walking. There are a limited number of scooters that can be arranged through The Nugget for daily rental.

  • Smoking is allowed indoors at The Nugget and air quality might be poor for sensitive bodies.

  • Masks must be worn by all in public during synod assembly.

  • Language translation other than English will be provided upon request in your registration form.

  • Closed captioning will be provided on the livestream and on zoom, and we hope to have it available in-person as well.

  • The Nugget hotel is committed to making our facilities, amenities and services accessible to guests with disabilities. Click here for more details.

Regardless of the conditions under which we gather, we are delighted to be the church with you in the Sierra Pacific Synod and look forward to the time when we gather, vision, worship and celebrate as the body of christ.

The Office of the Bishop

Sierra Pacific Synod, ELCA

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