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Spirit-Centered Moment: by Rev. Ben Colahan

Dis The Honest Manager

A Poem Concerning Luke 16:1-13

by Rev. Ben Colahan of Faith Lutheran Church, Chico, CA

All the world's debt

Was bought up today–

Every loan in London,

Every mortgage in Malay,

Each IOU in Peru

Has just one bank to pay.

And the person to manage

The corporation in question

Is you and no other,

But the board wants to mention…

They expect you to learn

The high standard that's set

For their rate of return.

They're Almighty and own

All the wealth there can be,

For they know the secret

To turn one into three.

They invest not for cash

Or stocks or real property;

Their ledger measures success

In people set free.

So squander the funds

Upstairs won't be mad

Tear debts in half

Make debtors glad.

People will love you…besides,

No matter what the bank spends,

You can't keep the money

But you can keep the friends.

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Dave Brauer-Rieke
Dave Brauer-Rieke
Sep 14, 2022

Preachers seem to flounder with the notion of "dishonest wealth," but you captured it, Pr. Colahan. It's the rich man who is dishonest (the 1%) and the manager who is actually the only honest one - (once he had his epiphany.) Oh that we Christians were not sold out to the system, but saw the dishonesty of the wealth all around us - and actively work to "make friends" and disciples through it. Lord give us eyes to see!!

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