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Rev. Hazel Salazar-Davidson: New Assistant to the Bishop!

On Thursday, July 29th the Synod Council of the Sierra Pacific Synod called the Rev. Hazel Salazar-Davidson to serve as Assistant to the Bishop for Authentic Diversity, Inclusive Community and Service. Rev. Hazel will begin her new call September 1, 2021.

Rev. Hazel shared a few words on her discernment process and this new call that we'd like to share with you all:

"As an ELCA University pastor it has been my goal to encourage students and individuals in their vocations. Places where their gifts will be seen, valued and used. I have had the opportunity in the past few years to watch as folks have realized their goals and have tried to be the best cheerleader ever. Although many have left the campus because they have not been seen or appreciated and that has saddened me, it is mixed with joy as I listen and celebrate these individuals' new found places of employment and community. Places they are able to grow and thrive. Places that I hope will nurture them as they continue to respond to their calling.

I have been in the process of discernment about leaving my position for some months now. I have gone on walks with the dog, lit candles, prayed, journaled and have had dreams.

Then I went to seek some wisdom….. I asked the kids for their counsel (many of you have met my kids so you know they are quite vocal). I have had late nights envisioning and talking with Drew (who most of you know is an introvert but listened to every word). I met with my elders, who gave me “dichos” (wise Costa Rican proverbs) and reminded me of who I am. I talked very candidly with some bad ass colleagues, (you know who you are). I ate cake, painted, threw pottery, cooked my abuelita’s black beans….. And made a decision.

I have accepted a new call.

I have accepted the call as Assistant to the Bishop for Authentic Diversity, Inclusive Community and Service in the Sierra Pacific Synod - ELCA. I am grateful for the care and support given to me during this discernment process by my now new Bishop Megan Rohrer. I am so excited to have the opportunity to work with some of the most incredible folks in the ELCA. I am excited to step further into what I have been called to do and continue to remember the individuals with whom I have journeyed alongside. I carry you with me."

Join us in welcoming Rev. Hazel Salazar-Davidson to the Sierra Pacific Synod staff and community!

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