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Open Letter to the Delaware-Maryland Synod

Updated: May 15, 2022

Eastertide greetings,

I’m not familiar with what happened at your Synod Assembly, but I’m grateful to the individuals who wrote to me. At the heart of your concerns is a desire to care for and support the full diversity of our church and I join you in that effort.

There is much misinformation swirling on the internet about the situation concerning Mision Latina Luterana, myself and our Synod. I hope in the days and years to come you will join us in relationship so we can learn more about each other. If you are interested, here is our Synod Council's statement about what transpired.

Our victim-centered timeline is not meant to oppose or erase the sadness, grief and lament that people have expressed or continue to feel. We know that trust can be lost in one moment and takes thousands of trustworthy actions to be repaired.

Church and church conflict has moved online and individuals, congregations and Synods must provide care and concern for those affected by what was done, what was left undone and the assumptions in between. Acknowledging the ways our actions have ripples beyond our Synod we have: