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Ministry Funding Grants from the St. Francis Lutheran Church Endowment

Funding for new projects (up to $3,500) or ongoing operations (up to $2,500) is available by applying to the St. Francis Lutheran Church Endowment, a fund at a San Francisco congregation known for leading on inclusion and justice for LGBTQ people and clergy.

This year, the Endowment seeks to support ministries and organizations that value justice and equity, especially those led by and/or serving Black people and people of color.

Detailed information, including the deadlines, instructions and application form are located here: and they are happy to help during the application process!

The St. Francis Endowment Committee chair, Jim Kowalski, can provide sample applications and guidance on what the committee members will want to learn about your ministry. Jim can be reached by email at

The short application form asks for contact information and a few narrative paragraphs to explain the project, as well as for attached annual and project budgets.

The next deadline to apply is April 20, 2022, and review of draft applications is possible through April 13. Additional deadlines for the remainder of 2022 are July 20 and October 19.

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