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FAQ's for the 2021 Professional Leaders Conference

Are there scholarships?

Yes. This year, the Synod is providing scholarships to underwrite the cost of registering for the Pre-gathering for all individuals who do not identify as Caucasian. This means the Synod is covering the $100 in registration fees for the pre-gathering. Registrants who do not identify as Caucasian, like all professional leaders, will still need to pay the $250 registration fee for the Professional Leaders Conference and for all of their lodging for the full event.

What is the drafted schedule?

October 11th:

  • 10am-12pm - Deans Meeting with Bishop and Assistants to the Bishop

  • 1pm - 7pm - 3 pre-gatherings for individuals who identify as other than Caucasian, LGBTQ and Women. Groups meet separately

October 12th - Morning Pre-Gathering / Afternoon General PLC Arrival Welcome

  • 9am - 12pm - All pre-gathering groups meet together to discuss

  1. How do we dream together?

  2. How do we celebrate each other’s strengths?

  3. Living Library Activity

  4. Partners or small groups of people you don’t know

  5. Prompts of questions about each person’s identity or the identity/DNA of their church/work

  6. Don’t ask, what do you do? Rather ask, who are you? Who are you right now? What are you passionate about?

  • 1 - 4pm - Regiception - A time of registration, informal getting to know each other and talk to representatives from ministry partners.

  • 4-5pm Here from the representatives who are joining us, so you will have time to talk more with them throughout the conference

  • 5pm - Dinner

  • 6pm - 7pm - Opening Worship

  • 7pm - 8pm - Conversation with the Bishop and Assistants to the Bishop

October 13th - Wellness Workshops

  • 9 am - Gerry Ebalaroza-Tunnell Keynote: Aloha - Transformation Through Love

  • 10 am - Ashli St. Armant Workshop: Connecting Through Cultural Songs & Games

  • 11am - Judith Dancer Presentation

  • 12pm - Lunch

  • 1-4 Wellness Activities and Synod Staff Listening Hours

  • 7:00pm - Concert (30 minute concert with Pam Rocker and a 30 minute folk music sing-along with Pam, Ash, and Bishop Megan)

October 14th

  • 9am Judith Dancer Session

  • 10-11am Closing Worship

Will the Professional Leaders Conference Be Affected By Wild Fires?

We do not know how wild fires will affect the Professional Leaders Conference. Contracts for this event were signed in 2019 and could not predict the current fires. We will do our best to communicate any changes to the event caused by fires or smoke.

What will the COVID Protocols be For the Professional Leaders Conference?

We cannot predict the status of COVID in October. Contracts for this event were signed in 2019 and could not be cancelled due to COVID. Pre-paid meals for this event will be eaten communally. Weather permitted some of these meals may be able to be eaten outside. We will do our best to communicate the COVID precautions by early October. We encourage people to make the safest choices for their families and communities in response to COVID.

We also understand that there are many professional leaders who need wellness support and time away in order to continue ministry during this ongoing pandemic. Our goal is to balance both the wellness and physical/medical safety of all attending.

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