Fall Conference Gatherings

Save-the-Date: Fall Conference Gatherings with Interim Bishop Claire S. Burkat, Synod Vice President Simon Wong, and your Conference Dean! Bishop Claire and VP Simon are hitting the road this fall to gather with each of our synod's 9 conferences. Each Conference Dean is planning a weekend gathering for rostered and lay folk throughout the synod to gather for a time of fellowship and conversation with new synodical leadership.

Because of the diverse geographic sizes of each conference, some gatherings will take place over multiple days and locations. Conference gatherings may feature a time of worship, a shared meal together, and lots of conversation with Bishop Claire, VP Simon, and each Conference Dean.

Be on the lookout for more details regarding times and locations - and remember that ALL are welcome to join! We would love to see parishioners, church council members, pastors, deacons, youth, and so many others present at each gathering.

Not sure what conference you're a part of? Learn more here: https://www.spselca.net/synod-conferences

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