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Drafted 2022 Anti-Racism and Anti-Bias Benchmarks

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Drafted Sierra Pacific Synod AntiBias Bench Marks 2022
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5.01.A16. This church commits itself to ethnic and racial diversity. Each expression of this church shall annually assess its ethnic and racial diversity when compared to the demographic data of its community or territory. The churchwide organization will work with synods as they assist congregations to reach out to persons of color or whose primary language is other than English.

5.01.B16. Each synod shall submit its goals and strategies to the appropriate churchwide unit or office and shall annually submit a report on progress toward its goals to the Church Council.

- 2016 Churchwide Assembly Continuing Resolution to the Constitution

This is the first draft of the Sierra Pacific Synod’s 2022 Authentic Diversity Beliefs and Benchmarks. The purpose of this document is to outline some of the robust efforts of our Synod in an intentional effort to decrease racism and bias. The efforts listed in this document are a starting point for ongoing communal conversation.

This document will also serve as our Synod’s annual report to the churchwide council to assess our ethnic and racial diversity. We are sharing this first draft publicly to encourage other synods, congregations and faithful communities to replicate some of our efforts. We hope other communities will also share their learnings and constructive criticism.

As we continue to collect historical information and benchmarks for the future, we need your help to share this work with others, particularly those who may be interested in helping. Feedback about this draft can be sent to Catherine Slabaugh at

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Antiracist? is it anti-recist to go to a Latinx community, Misión Latina Luterana, and disrupt one of their most important services of the year? is it anti-racist to persecute a Afro-Latino Pastor? This Synod is showing the truth of the words in the Gospel (Matthew 7: 20) when the Evangelist says, "Thus you will know them by their fruits."


This is very hypocritical of you. What you, and your synod council, did yesterday at Misión Latina Luterana was shameful and the way you are persecuting Pastor Nelson Rabell is absolutely disgusting. Your actions are clearly racist and vindictive; you shouldn’t be in any position of leadership in the ELCA.

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