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Day of Repentance for Racism

This Tuesday, January 18th the Sierra Pacific Synod will join the greater Evangelical Lutheran Church in America in observing an annual day of repentance for racism. "Following Martin Luther King Jr. Day, this date is observed by several organizations as the National Day of Racial Healing to encourage acts of service and raise awareness of racial justice."

The ELCA has put together Worship Resources for the Day of Racial Healing, that we encourage congregations to use in their worship services and personal prayers this Sunday, January 16th. You can find the worship resources here.

The worship service opens with a confession, a Lament for the Church. "This lament and prayer may be used in preparation for the work of faithful listening in discussions around racism and racial reconciliation, and at other appropriate times. The naming of communities, situations, and experiences may be adapted for the context or occasion."

A few of our Conference Deans and members of the Synod Staff recorded the following Lament of Racism, written by the ELCA:

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