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Conference 6 Gathering Recap

To wrap up our Fall Conference Gathering series, the El Camino Real Conference 6 gathered on Saturday, November 12, 2022. Rostered and Lay Leaders from throughout the Conference gathered at Advent Lutheran Church in Morgan Hill, CA for an afternoon of worship, conversation, and tacos!

The day began with a worship service, led by Bishop Claire Burkat, Assisting Minister Rev. Paul Larson (the Conference's newest Pastor!), Conference Dean Rev. Cristina Beauchemin, and Cantor Rev. Anita Warner. Following worship, the Conference gathered for a Presentation from Bishop Burkat and Vice President Simon Wong, followed by a wonderful taco lunch. After lunch, the Conference gathered again for a time of Q&A and continued conversation with the Bishop and VP.

A special thank you to Rev. Cristina for organizing and planning the gathering, and to Rev. Anita and the Advent community for hosting folks! Thank you to the many Rostered and Lay Leaders who spent their Saturday with us, we look forward to being with you again soon.

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