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Bishop’s Report to the Synod Council -- April 22, 2022

The following is a summary of the activities of the Bishop and Synod Staff since February 22nd. This report uses the list of responsibilities outlined in the Synod’s Constitution to organize the many tasks of the Synod. While the Bishop has oversight over these tasks, the work detailed below is only possible because of the faithful work of the Synod staff, council members, committee members and volunteers. We are grateful for the mission support of congregations throughout the Synod and churchwide, this work is made possible by you.

Serve as the Synod’s Pastor

Preach, Teach and Administer the Sacraments

· I have visited 102 congregations and mission partners, driving over 22,000 miles since my election. Visiting congregations is my favorite part of serving as Bishop. The diversity in worship styles and individuals in our Synod is a beautiful view into the diversity of God’s creation.

· I spoke at Rabbi Angel’s University of San Francisco class on LGBTQ spirituality and faith (stipend donated to the Bishop’s discretion fund)

· I gave a keynote address at the OutChristian Conference in Louisville, KY (stipend donated to the Bishop’s discretion fund)

· Chrism Mass is a service where oils are blessed for use in baptisms and to bless those who are ill. The service also provides and opportunity for leaders to reaffirm their ordination and baptismal vows. This year services were held at:

o Bethel Lutheran in Fresno

o Unity Lutheran in South San Francisco

o Faith Lutheran in Meadow Vista (April 27th)

o I have hosted a livestream conversation on Grief and Tauma in the Season of COVID-19 with Pastor Dale Poland

Synod Resource Center

· During our service day in Fresno, Catherine, Pastor Manda and volunteers from Hope Fresno packed the books from Hope Lutheran. Pastor Sharon Amundson drove the books to the Belfry. Pastor Portia Hopkins met Pastor Sharon at the Belfry and they spent more than 3 hours unloading with student volunteers. Thank you to everyone who helped move the books to their new home.

· After a long interview process and background checks our candidate of choice was unable to accept the position do to changing life circumstances. We are reposting the position.