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Bishop’s Report to the Synod Council

September 6, 2021

The following is a summary of the activities of the Bishop and Synod Staff since July 1, 2021. This report uses the list of responsibilities outlined in the Synod’s Constitution to organize the many tasks of the Synod. While the Bishop has oversight over these tasks, the work detailed below is only possible because of the faithful work of the Synod staff, council members, committee members and volunteers. We are grateful for the mission support of congregations throughout the Synod and churchwide. This work would not be possible without their generosity.

Serve as the Synod’s Pastor

Preach, Teach and Administer the Sacraments

· I visited 38 congregations, mission partners and organizations and livestreamed prayer each Wednesday (except one which was led by Catherine Slabaugh).

· Pr. Hazel Salazar-Davidson and I will preach at the San Francisco Night Ministry’s Open Cathedral on Sept 9th.

· The Bishop Installation (planning led by Pr. Manda Truchinski) will take place on Sept. 11th at Grace Cathedral.

Synod Resource Center

· Strategic Plan: Catherine Slabaugh has been working with the Synod Resource Center (SRC) volunteers to create a strategic plan to guide their work in the future.

Primary Responsibility for the Ministry of Word and Sacrament in the Synod

· Professional Leaders Conference: Despite budgeting $30,000 in income and only $20,000 in expense, nearly $40,000 in contracts had been signed (in 2019) for the 2021 Professional Leaders Conference (PLC). The contracts do not have an option for canceling due to COVID or wildfires. We are working to minimize deficits as much as we can, by expanding who is considered a professional leader and planning for additional retreats for lay leaders in congregations.

The theme for this year’s retreat is Wellness. In addition to the traditional pre-gatherings for Women and Deans, there will also be pre-gatherings for people identified as BIPOC and LGBTQ. Presenters include: Gerry Ebalaroza-Tunnell, Pam Rocker, Ashli St. Armant and Judith Dancer.