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Bishop Megan Rohrer's Staffing Vision & Priorities

Updated: Jun 29, 2021


A2B for Leadership & Strategic Organization

(candidacy, mobility and visioning for committees and teams)

A2B for Authentic Diversity, Inclusive Community & Service

(anti-racism efforts, mission and translations)


(ELCA asks, new start, restarts)

Communications & Connections Coordinator

(Communications, Facilitating Cooperation & Events)

Director of Finance (Finance & Stewardship)

Executive Assistant

(Scheduling, Emergency Response and Special Projects)

Theologians in Residence (a project in development)

Lutheran Chaplaincy Corp (a project in development)

Synod Resource Center (position currently vacant)

Call Process Assistant (current contract ends in Sept)

Call Process Assistant (current contract ends in Sept)

Staff That Informed the Synod They Are Leaving

Candidacy Director (ends 7/31)

Candidacy/Mobility Assistant (ends 6/30)

Communications Coordinator (ends 6/31)

Finance Assistant (ends 7/31)


Prioritizing Full Time Positions with Benefits and Health Care

Although secular society is moving towards contract positions that save money by transferring professional, health care and tax costs onto employees, Jesus taught that people should not be taken advantage of economically and ought to be paid full wages (Matthew 20:1-16). Due to long-term systemic injustices in education, fair payment and discrimination, contract positions disproportionately impact communities with diverse skin color, sexual orientation and gender identities. Prioritizing positions with benefits and health care should be a part of our Synod’s anti-racism efforts.

When I spoke before the Synod Assembly, I talked about working with congregations, who are interested, to help share staff so that individuals could be paid fairly and receive health care and other benefits. Before working on this with congregations, the Synod staffing needs to be restructured to live into these values.

Prioritizing Wellness

Synod staff, like all professional faith leaders, experience vicarious trauma when providing pastoral care, conflict support and help with emergency response. As models of balanced leadership, Synod staff will be encouraged to utilize their time off and vacations, to attend the professional leadership conference and to seek work life balance. Synod staff will work together to ensure that all employees are able to take time off and the employee handbook will be updated to cap accrued paid time off (PTO).

Prioritizing Equitable Labor Regulations

The Synod will update its employee handbook to ensure that the Synod is meeting the minimal labor code standards required by law, living up to standards passed in Synod Resolutions and following employment best practices. This will include utilizing the online ADP timecard for non-exempt hourly and contract employees. Before the Synod can encourage congregations to take the steps needed to improve in this area, the Synod must get its own staffing policies in order.

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