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Be the Light - Composed Music by Synod Pastor for Your Worship Service

Newly ordained Pastor Taylor Hagbo of The Lutheran Church of Arcata has gifted all congregations in the Sierra Pacific Synod his beautiful musical recordings to use in your worship services!

"Be the Light is a collection of seven songs to be used for gathering, singing, praying, worshiping, and inspiring each other to be Christ-like lights amidst the darkness of the world. This liturgical service was composed at the Lutheran retreat center of Holden Village during a six-week artist residency in the winter and spring of 2014. I am deeply grateful for the dynamic community of people that helped to shape these songs, and especially for those who have instructed me in ways of faith and music." - Rev. Taylor Hagbo

Rev. Hagbo has graciously shared this collection of worship music for congregations to use in your upcoming services. You can find recordings of the music here:

Rev. Hagbo has also compiled a worship booklet with chord charts and melodies for your use, found here: