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A Recap of Conference 5 and 2 Gatherings

On Saturday, October 8th, the San Francisco Peninsula Conference 5 gathered at St. Andrew's Lutheran Church in San Mateo, CA. The gathering began with a beautiful worship service, which led into a time of conversation with Rostered and Lay Leaders. Bishop Claire Burkat and VP Simon Wong gave a presentation about their vision for the year and held a Q&A session with the entire group. New Interim Executive Director of Mt. Cross Ministries, Rev. Jeff Barrows, was also present and shared a quick update on our beloved camp!

The community enjoyed a delicious lunch before dividing into small groups of Rostered Leaders and Lay Leaders. Being the first time folks have gathered in person in years, this time proved to be quite fruitful as fellow Clergy brainstormed together, checked-in, and dreamed about the future of their Conference. Similarly, lay leaders had the opportunity to talk directly with Bishop Claire and VP Simon and share ideas, ask questions, and voice their wonders about the year ahead.

On Sunday, October 9th, the Bridges Conference 2 gathered at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in Berkeley, CA. This Conference gathering had a few business items on the agenda, in addition to the usual Q&A and fellowship time, as the Conference held an election for a new Conference Dean.

After six faithful yers of service, the Rev. Ned O'Donnell passed the title of Conference Dean to the Rev. Dave Miller. Rev. Dave Miller serves as Pastor of All Saints Lutheran Church in Novato, CA and is humbled to begin this new role as Conference Dean.

Following the election and large group conversation, Rostered Leaders and Lay Leaders divided into smaller group for further conversations, questions, and fellowship together. At the conclusion of this time, the group gathered back together for a short worship service and installation of their new Conference Dean, Rev. Dave!

A special thank you to Conference Deans Rev. John Kuehner and Rev. Ned O'Donnell for planning these gatherings, and to St. Andrew's Lutheran Church and PLTS for opening their doors and hosting the events. We're looking forward to this new season of ministry ahead!

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