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A Recap of Conference 3 and Conference 7 Gatherings

On Saturday, September 24th, our Fall Conference Gatherings began! Conference 3, the Capitol Valley Conference, gathered at St. John's Lutheran Church in Sacramento, CA. The community enjoyed breakfast, worship, and conversation time together. The Rev. Gabi Schroeder, Conference Dean, planned logistics for the event with St. John's graciously hosting and extending their hospitable hands.

Conference 7, the Mt. Diablo Conference, gathered the following afternoon on Sunday, September 25th. The Conference gathered at Saint Matthew's Lutheran Church in Walnut Creek, CA for an afternoon of conversation, worship, and election of a new Conference Dean! Join us in welcoming the Rev. John Valentine as the newly elected Dean of Conference 7. Rev. John was installed by Bishop Burkat at the Conference 7 worship service on Sunday.

The Fall Conference Gatherings continue over the next 6 weeks, we hope to see you at one of them!

Sept. 30 - Oct. 2nd: Conference 1 Gathering

October 8th: Conference 5 Gathering

October 9th: Conference 2 Gathering

Oct. 29 - 30th: Conference 4 Gathering

November 5th: Conference 8 Gathering

November 6th: Conference 9 Gathering

November 12th: Conference 6 Gathering

More details about the upcoming Conference Gatherings can be found here.

A special thanks to Rev. Rustin Comer, Rick Maness and Rev. Gabi Schroeder for capturing and sharing the photos shown above.

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A more accurate heading for this post would be "Photos of the First 2 Conference Gatherings". I expected to see more of a summary (Recap) of the issues/concerns raised, than what is provided here. Unfortunately, these kinds of posts seem like more of the same lack of transparency we've experienced in the last year and a half from our Synod office. We got plenty of selfies, but very little real, genuine communication about the serious issues we were dealing with.

Perhaps there could be an explanation of how we will all be informed about what has been learned in these Conference Gatherings, and what our process will be after they are completed.

My own feeling is that trust broken at…

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