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A Letter Regarding Bishop Claire Burkat's Visit to Iglesia Luterana Santa María Peregrina

The following letter was shared with the Sierra Pacific Synod on July 21, 2022.

When I accepted this call two weeks ago as Interim Bishop of the Sierra Pacific Synod, I promised — with the help of God and the support of the Synod Council and the people of the Sierra Pacific Synod — to bring reconciliation, healing, and hope to a synod that has experienced great turmoil. It is my intention to renew trust in the Office of the Bishop. On Sunday, July 17th, my first Sunday in the territory of the Sierra Pacific Synod, I worshiped with and visited Iglesia Luterana Santa María Peregrina in Stockton, CA. During my time with Iglesia Luterana Santa María Peregrina, I offered my sincere apologies for the lack of pastoral care and visitation following a traumatic day for this congregation.

I visited to bring my prayers, deep sorrow for the pain this Community continues to suffer, and intentions for repentance, healing, hope, and reconciliation for the Body of Christ in the Sierra Pacific Synod. Additionally, upon the congregation’s invitation and with accompaniment from