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Immanuel Lutheran Church
3230 Harrison Avenue
Eureka, California 95503
(707) 498-1046
Head Pastor: Rev. David Groe
(707) 445-8121 ext. 7521
Pastor Groe has, as the long-term pastor of Immanuel, brought a unique blend of life experiences and personal characteristics that have been instrumental in developing a strong and supportive spiritual community. Pastor Groe is well steeped in Lutheran doctrine and spiritual practices having grown up in a small town in rural Iowa in which the size of the congregation of the Lutheran Church was approximately the same as the number of people in the town! What makes Pastor Groe unique, however, is not only does he have this rich heritage but when combined with his ecumenical respect for different spiritual traditions and life experiences, it has resulted in Immanuel being a welcoming and caring environment to people from a wide variety of lives and spiritual histories. In addition to being the pastor of Immanuel, Pastor Groe is also the chaplain at Providence St. Joseph Hospital. This experience has allowed him to enhance his naturally empathic and supportive tendencies to become very supportive to both congregation members and community members in general when faced with serious illness and/or death of a loved one.
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Church Council
President: Duane Rigge
Recording Secretary: Jan Paulus
Treasurer: Susan Taylor
Financial Secretary: Janis Erickson
Council Member: Claire Bareilles
Council Member: Kassidy Banducci
Council Member: Kevin Leary
Council Member: Ann Seemann
Council Member: Thomas Steenblock
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Fellowship Lunches
1st and 3rd Sundays every month
There will be Fellowship Lunches after church on the 1st and 3rd Sundays each month. Hope to see you there!
Chaplaincy Class
Throughout August
Pastor will be teaching a chaplaincy class in August. This will be a four week class for an hour and a half each class. He will be teaching skills for reaching out to people who are having a difficult time, recovering from a medical procedure, experiencing grief, and other needs. If you are interested you can sign up at church or message Jan at 707-496-0804.
Upcoming Events
Minstry Partners
Betty Kwan Chinn Foundation
​"To honor all of humanity by providing direct responses to immediate needs and helping the homeless achieve the dignity needed to return to society as contributing members."

Read a recent article about Betty Chinn here.
Back-to-Basics Alcoholics Anonymous
Gatherings on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday at 12:00pm | Fellowship Hall
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