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Bishop's Election Timeline & Process

The Bishop's Election Process can be read in English and Spanish here.

A PDF of the timeline below can be viewed in English here and in Spanish here.

May - June

Conference Assemblies

Assemblies will be held May-June 2022

Each conference can nominate up to 5 Pre-Nominees

June 26

Synod-wide zoom prayer gathering for discernment

May - July

Post Conference Assemblies (May-July)

Committee will reach out to Pre-Nominees and send all documents to be filled out by a 2 week deadline. After receiving documents the committee will review and make sure they meet all qualifications.

August 1

All Pre-Nominees will be posted on Synod website in alphabetical order with completed documentation. You can view that here.

August 14

Committee will host a “Town Forum” style digital gathering using ‘Zoom Events’ where pre-nominees will answer three questions each. This will give all voting members an opportunity to engage the Pre-Nominees.

August 28

Synod-wide zoom prayer gathering to pray for Synod Assembly

Bishop's Election Timeline at Synod Assembly

Day 1 - Friday, September 15

First vote will be an Eccesial ballot (written). Following the ballot, the committee will run a full background, bio, and disclosure check on all candidates and place all qualified candidates on ballot 2.

Day 2 - Saturday, September 16


Second ballot with all screened candidates will be held and narrowed down to 7 top candidates plus ties. (Most likely 1st machine vote) Candidates will be given 5 minutes each to respond to one question. Saturday Third vote will be taken.

Day 2 - Saturday, September 16


When candidates are narrowed to final 3 (plus ties), conferences will be split into 3 rooms each room housing 3 synods. Each candidate will respond to 5 questions with a 5 minute time limit per question (total of 25 minutes.) Following the Q&R, Candidates will be escorted to the next space by a committee member. Each candidate will spend 25 minutes per room.

Day 3 - Sunday, September 17

The 4th vote will reduce candidates to 2 nominees (plus ties). Candidates will be given 5 minutes to address the gathering answering a specific question. A 5th vote will be taken until a new Bishop is elected.

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